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Abshier, Lloyd and Bernice
Atteberry, George and Sandra.pdf
Bailey, Bill and Mona
Birtcil, Judy and Chuck
Bladorn, Dave and Joyce Bollerud, Don and Mary
Boutwell, Allen and Donna
Brandt, George and Velma Brinson, Dwight and Ruth
Brown, Floyd and Frances
Charleton, Ed and Lucille Coon, Emmett and Marg
De Kleine, John and Winnifred
Dorsey, Clark and Joyce Edwards, Louis and Imogene
Floyd, J.C. and Opal
Gilbertson, Earl and Helen
Henderson, Robert and Ruth
Hostetler, Spencer and Thelma
Keeney, Morris and Billie Langerwerf, Mel and Jean
Leach, Larry and Beppie
Leforce, Don and Carol Lemm, Mel and Duane
Lucas, Jack and Doris
Martens, Douglas and
RexAnne Harshfield
Martinez, Tony and Dolores
McNair, Dan and Rosalind
Meline, Dick and Charlene Merrifield, Ruth and Irv
Minto, Bob and Eldora
Morrison, Jerry and Margaret Nay, Edwin and Patricia
Negrete, Yvonne V. and
Eddie C. Warner
Pigman, Lloyd and Helen
Pooler, Chuck and Jean
Ramos, John L. and Frances M
Read, Robert and Karen Rice, Gene and Helen
Robertson, Jim and Mary Jane
Shields, Gordon and June Shryne, Doris and Bill
Skillin, Bob and Sara
Sohnrey, Ivan and Caralee Stringfellow, Lowell and Clara
Strong, Bert and Anna
Sullivan, Ralph and Margene Wallace, Gary and Kathy
Warren, James and Judy
Wells, Fred and Marie Wood, Bud and Laurie
Ladies Dorsey, Lucas, Hostetler, Atteberry