What we are

The Preservation and Digitization Committee, as a sub-group of the Durham Friends of the Library, under the aegis of the Butte County Library system has the focused goal to preserve and digitize the following media: Past newspapers, newsletters, programs, lists, minutes, and ephemera from local schools, churches, civic groups, social organizations and individual community members, etc..

When first talking of this adventerous journey of undertaking this Preservation and Digitization of Durham's Historical Media, a Durham saying was shared ~

"Durham is the little town that says it 'can'....

Durham is the first town in Butte County to provide such a resource as this Preserved and Digitized Historical Media available to the World Wide Communities through the internet....

Thank you for holding the dream Rian ..... The Preservation and Digitization says it 'can' .... and it 'does'

01. Fred Announces 02. P and D Committee at Work 03. Tom Barris News and Photos
04. Steve Lambert Photos 05. Members Adobe Board in Chapel 06. Interact to do work
07. Equipment Needed 08. Board Support 09. Recent Finds
10. Interact at work 11, Durham Woman's Club Donates 12. Committee announces purchase
13. Scanners Arrive! 14, Scanners at Work